Benefits Of Coffee (The Good & The Bad)

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Hey everyone,
Loveee coffee <3???

Hmm well, the conversation about coffee 'Is it good or bad' still goes on and my view about it is that  'It doesn't do any harm if taken in moderation' :) It depends on how many cups you drink.

Well, I've came to know some good and bad reactions about it which I wanna share with Y'all :)..

The Good:
  • Coffee improves digestion and also prevents depression
  • Coffee helps Get rid of cellulites
  • Coffee Helps remove dark circles under the eyes.
  • Like both black and green tea, coffee contains antioxidants (which reverses aging :D).
  • Coffee can also help cure headaches (like we feel relaxed after having any kind of tea b/c it also has caffeine).
  • Drinking coffee can help you on a sleep-deprived day or when you do boring stuff (i.e. at work, studying ;) lol)
The Bad:
  • Coffee causes insomnia, avoid drinking it at night, if you're sensitive to caffeine 
Uses around the house:
(Facial scrub) Coffee grinds mixed with your daily face wash or scrub exfoliate your skin well. Use gently to remove dead skin. It leaves your skin super smooth.
(body scrub) Coffee reduce the appearance of cellulite, you can take advantage by adding coffee to your body wash or scrub.
(Hair care) Brew one strong cup of espresso and let it cool completely. Pour the coffee onto dry hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, rinse it out. it gives shine and glow to your hair like never before.
(Around the house) Put coffee beans or grounded in a glass jar in the refrigerator or bathroom to remove unwanted smells.
Well, so far I found these good and bad reaction(s) of coffee, not mentioning serious diseases it may cured or caused.

To sum it up, There're more good reactions in coffee than bad ones, but Beware! bad ones are really really bad ;).. and I'm 100% sure you can drink 1-2 cups of coffee in a day, it doesn't do any harm :)

Do you loveee coffee??? How much do you loveee??? 

 - Miss Talkative