(Benefits) Of Popcorn

Hey Everyone,

Today, I'm gonna share some benefits of Popcorn (a very tasty and very healthy snack).

Researchers have found popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables and the hull of popcorn, which has tendency to get stuck (ouch!) between the teeth, is a nutritional powerhouse, researchers called them "nutritional gold nuggets."

Popcorn contains high fiber, an important substance for the body encourages healthy digestion and regularity.

Hmmm I'm glad I've came to know about these benefits because before I though Popcorn makes us more fat :-P A 2011 study found that soluble fiber (one type of fiber found in popcorn) helped to reduce belly fat. This means eat one serving of Popcorn everyday (yummy) instead of one hour workout for belly fat (yayyy) lol. Fiber also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Popcorn may also be a great snack for diabetics looking to improve control of their blood sugar levels.

Well well, don't get too excited about buying the extra large popcorn at movie theatre — researcher warns as soon as you cook it in oil/butter, popcorn can become a nutritional nightmare loaded with fat and calories.

Only Air-popped corn contains less than 100 calories in a serving while corn popped in oil./butter has about twice as many calories.

Hmm I always want to know about food which makes beautiful from inside out and It’s clear that Popcorn makes you gorgeous (has antioxidants) from the inside out (awesome!). Now you can be gorgeous while enjoying Popcorn (yummy!)

Hmm What do you think about this news??? Do U like Popcorn???
-Princess Jiya