(Review) Rani's Whitening Facial Kit

No time to go to the Beauty salon?
Do your own facials, It's just as effective and Cheap!!
It helps rejuvenates dull tired and sluggish skin and gives an instant glow.
Hey everyone, 
Today, I'm gonna share this facial kit by Rani. Rani is a Pakistani dermatologist. You can find her products nationwide or from her website Here.

Product says:
Rani’s Whitening Facial kit are introduced for those peoples who have dark skin tones, and they want to make their skin tone, clear and white. by using this facial kit, you will get excellent results. Addition of jojoba oil & tea tree oil has balanced the efficiency of this kit.

Kit comes with:
Rani's Whitening Cleansing Milk
Rani's Whitening Massage Cream
Rani's Whitening Powder and Whitening Liquid
Rani's Whitening Mask

First, cleanse your face 10-25 mins with cleansing milk. then, massage for 15-20 mins. then, mix 1tbsp whitening liquid/booster with 1/2 tsp whitening powder and apply on your face (bleach) for 20 mins, Finally, apply mask for 10 mins.

Do this facial twice a week for better results.

My Thoughts:
I'm in love with this Whitening facial kit <3 though I don't like the pakaging (pakaging always attracts me and sometimes I buy the product just because of cute pakaging lol). Rani uses only herbs so the product doesn't have any side effects (that's the best part). I recommend this facial kit to everyone but keep in mind that it's not a magical treatment which makes your skin tone American white. It's just clears dirt and impurities so you can feel smooth and radiant complexion.

Have you ever tried Rani's Whitening Facial Kit before?? Share your views :) 

- Miss Talkative