How To Beat The Summer Heat

Hey Everyone, Summer is here so I'm thinking to share some tips to beat the summer heat.

* Dress in light, loose, lawn/cotton clothing. Loose fitting clothes allow air to circulate, keeping you cool.

* Use sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher. You can get sunburn even on a cloudy day, so put some sunscreen on every morning. Don't forget lips, ears, back of neck.

* Drink lots of water, juices and Non-Alcoholic drinks and stay hydrated. Avoid sugary soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine, which are diuretics - substances that increase water loss via the urine.

* Coconut water can safe you from summer heat. Tender coconut has all the essential substances which the body needs to keep it hydrated and maintain the nutrient level.

* Iced tea is a great summertime drink.

* Lemonade is the next best remedy. Lemonade is a drink make of lemon juice, salt and sugar is a saline solution, a rich source of vitamin C and Vitamin B. It keeps the body hydrates, protects skin and also promotes digestion, which usually fails during summer months.

* Avoid drinking chilled water immediately after returning from the outdoor heat. Thus, it is best to drink water from earthen pots. These pots keep the water cool and matches up to the body temperature, without causing harm.

Follow these tips above to beat the summer heat and Stay Gorgeous!

- Miss Talkative