(Review) Wild Growth Hair Oil

Hello friends!

Today, I'm going to share my experience with this hair oil called "Wild Growth". 
I was recommended by my sister. 
She noticed faster hair growth after a few weeks.

I love this product and have been using it for two weeks now. 
I part my hair into sections, and apply it along the part and massage it in. 
I use it 3 times a week as directed. 
This product has a herbal smell which is not that bad but it goes away in minutes. 
It improved the condition of my hair (was so dry and damaged before). 
Well the growing part can be a bit ..........., 
I read somewhere than hairs took 2 years to grow long (woah). 
It has been a part of my regime now :). 
Massage little amount or  about 1/2 tsp on your scalp or else you will ended up with oily hair.

Have you ever tried Wild Growth before? Share your views :)

-Miss Talkative