Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide - Network+ Guide to Networks by Tamara Dean

Which network model ensures that no computer on the network has more authority than another?
c. peer-to-peer

Which type of service supports e-mail?
a. communications

_________ services allow remote users to connect to the network.
  1. Access
The process of determining the best path from Point A on one network to Point B on another is known as ____.
b. routing

Which certification requires candidates to pass lab exams?

Dependability is a characteristic of ____.
c. soft skills

Clients on a client/server network share their resources directly with each other.

The simplest form of a network is a client/server network.

Network functions are associated with only one layer of the OSI model.

Which statement describes an advantage of networks?
b. Networks enable multiple users to share resources.

Which Data Link sublayer manages access to the physical medium?
c. MAC

____ services refer to the capability of a server to share data files, applications, and disk storage space.
b. File

Standards assist in network design.

Which IEEE standard describes Ethernet?

____ provide a Web-based client for checking e-mail.
b. Mail servers

Often, separate LANs are interconnected and rely on several ____ running many different applications and managing resources other than data.
b. servers

A ____ network is confined to a relatively small space.
c. LAN

Security auditing is handled by ____.
b. network management services

Which IEEE standard describes specifications for wireless transmissions?
b. 802.11

A ____ facilitates communication and resource sharing between other computers on the network.
c. server

To prepare to enter the networking field, a student should master a number of general networking technologies.

Which network topology is the most common?
a. Star

Very large peer-to-peer networks have emerged to take advantage of the Internet.

____ networks are the most popular type of network for medium- and large-scale organizations.
a. Client/server

Each network node has ____ types of addresses.
b. two

____  is a popular career development tool for job seekers and a measure of an employee’s qualifications for employers.
c. Certification

____ is the process of reconstructing segmented data.
b. Reassembly

A common way of sharing resources on a peer-to-peer network is by modifying the ____ controls using the computer’s operating system.
c. file-sharing

Which type of protocol is useful when data must be transferred quickly?
b. Connectionless

Hardware diagnosis and failure alert are handled by ____.
a. network management services

In which OSI model layer does TCP operate?
b. Transport

____ oversees the IAB (Internet Architecture Board).

A ____ is a specialized device that allows multiple networks or multiple parts of one network to connect and exchange data.
a. connectivity device

The ____ is a specialized United Nations agency that provides developing countries with technical expertise and equipment to advance those nations’ technological bases.
c. ITU

Standards define the ____ performance of a product or service.
c. minimum acceptable

Hands-on experience to improve networking hardware and software skills is important when attempting to enter the networking field.

Modulation can be used to make a signal conform to a specific pathway.

In IPv4 addressing, a node with an IP address of belongs to a Class ____ network
b. B

In IPv4 addressing, an IP address whose first octet is in the range of 192–223 belongs to a Class ____ network.
a. C

In modulation, a simple wave called a(n) ____ wave, is combined with another analog signal to produce a unique signal that gets transmitted from one node to another.
a. carrier

Which term describes the hardware that makes up the enterprise-wide cabling system?
b. Cable plant

The maximum distance a signal can travel and still be interpreted accurately is equal to a segment’s maximum length.

A(n) ____ number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data.
c. port

The strength of an electrical signal is directly proportional to its frequency.

In dotted decimal notation, a(n) ____ separates each decimal.
b. period

The data transmission characteristic most frequently discussed and analyzed by networking professionals is ____.
c. throughput

____ is more efficient than TCP for carrying messages that fit within one data packet.
a. UDP

The distance between corresponding points on a wave’s cycle is called its ____.
a. wavelength

____ describes a popular serial data transmission method.
c. EIA/TIA RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232)

Ethernet is an example of a baseband system found on many LANs.

In the TCP/IP protocol suite, ____ is the core protocol responsible for logical addressing.
b. IP

The command used to view IP information on a Windows workstation is ipconfig.

In most cases, BOOTP has been surpassed by the more sophisticated IP addressing utility, ____.

When signals are free to travel in both directions over a medium simultaneously, the transmission is considered ____.
b. full-duplex

____ is a terminal emulation protocol used to log on to remote hosts using the TCP/IP protocol suite.
c. Telenet

TCP is a(n) ____ subprotocol.
a. connection-oriented