Marrying Absurd by Joan Didion

In Marrying Absurd, written by Joan Didion, the author implies Las Vegas marraiges as a kind of “dream” where I think it is not applicable for all people. In a quote, “…what happens here has no connection with ‘real’ life, (43)”, the author mentions that she does not think Vegas marriages as real; marriage is a divine act and should not be taken casually. She also mentions that the people who chooses a three-minute, instant, Vegas marriage, are "children who do not know how else to find it, how to make the arrangements, how to do it 'right'"(43) I think saying that to marry in Vegas is absurd is not for everyone; one of the logical reasons of getting married in Vegas is people who don’t want or afford big expensive marriage and Vegas provides them what they want. Where the author says “All of these services (Candlelight with Your Ceremony, Honeymoon Accommodations, Free Transportation, Dressing Room, Flowers, Rings, etc.) are offered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, presumably on the premise that marriage, like craps is a game to be played when the table seems hot. (43)” I personally don’t think Vegas marriage as a “game” as the services such as candlelight with ceremony, honeymoon accommodations, free transportation, etc. are an essential part and some people don’t want all the fuss for planning these themselves. I believe the author’s view that many people gets lost in the ecstasy of the Vegas ambiance and make random decisions is true but still not for everyone. Another quote, "People expect more when they get married." (pg. 42) is fine as marriage is a special event and do it properly but it’s their preference how they do it. I believe marriage in Vegas is not "absurd" at all but it is only absurd if you make it this way.