Chapter 5 and 6 Study Guide - Network+ Guide to Networks by Tamara Dean

Question 1
The Ethernet II frame type contains a 2-byte ____ field that differentiates it from other Ethernet frame types.
a. type

Question 2  
To install a NIC, you must first install the ____.  
d. hardware

Question 3
The 10-gigabit fiber optic standard with the shortest segment length is ____.  

Question 4

On an Ethernet network, a(n) ____ is the portion of a network in which collisions occur if two nodes transmit data at the same time.  
a.collision domain

Question 5
Cut-through switches can detect corrupt packets.  

Question 6
Switches that operate anywhere between Layer 4 and Layer 7 are also known as ____ switches.  
b. content

Question 7

The most popular method for connecting nodes on a network is circuit switching.  

Question 8
By far, the most popular expansion board NIC today is one that uses a(n) ____ bus.  
c. PCIe

Question 9
CompactFlash is an example of a peripheral device attached to the computer’s ____ bus.  
b. external

Question 10
Together, the FCS and the header make up the ____-byte “frame” for the data.  
b. 18

Question 11
____ routing is a technique in which a network administrator programs a router to use specific paths between nodes.  
b. Static
Question 12
The most common logical topologies are ____ and ring.  
d. bus

Question 13
A complex combination of topologies is known as a ____ topology.  

Question 14
Traditional switches operate at the ____ layer of the OSI model.  
d. Data link

Question 15
A physical topology ____.  
b. depicts a network in broad scope

Question 16
The most common 1-Gigabit Ethernet standard in use today is ____.  
a. 1000Base-LX

Question 17
To eliminate the possibility of a broadcast storm, switches and bridges implement the ____.  
b. STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)

Question 18
A network’s access method is its method of controlling how network nodes access the communications channel.  

Question 19
A ____ is a repeater with more than one output port.  

Question 20

In a ring network, each workstation acts as a(n) ____ for the transmission.  
a. repeater

Question 21

Advances in NIC technology are making this hardware smarter than ever.  

Question 22

A ____ is a multiport connectivity device that directs data between nodes on a network.  
b. router

Question 23
In packet switching, when packets reach their destination node, the node ____ them based on their control information.  
a. reassembles

Question 24
Without ____, a bus network would suffer from signal bounce.  
d. terminators

Question 25
A serial backbone is the simplest kind of backbone.
A ____ is simply a linked series of devices.  

Question 26

Modern Ethernet networks are based on the star topology.  

Question 27

Repeaters operate in the ____ layer of the OSI model.  

Question 28
Within Ethernet frame types, the ____ signals to the receiving node that data is incoming and indicates when the data flow is about to begin.  
d. preamble

Question 29

Bridges are protocol independent.  

Question 30
The smallest LANs do not have a backbone.  

Question 31

Buses differ according to their ____.  
a. capacity

Question 32
The 10GBase-T standard is considered a breakthrough for transmitting 10 Gbps over ____ medium.  
a. twisted pair

Question 33
It is best to perform connectivity tests on a computer connected to a live network.  

Question 34

In addition to viewing its LEDs and using a loopback plug to test a NIC’s functionality, you can also check a NIC’s connectivity with ____.  
b. simple commands

Question 35
In data networks, the task of directing information efficiently to the correct destination is handled by connectivity devices, primarily switches and routers.  

Question 36

A ____ can interpret physical addressing information.
c. bridge

Question 37
PCIe slots vary depending on the number of ____ they support.  
c. lanes

Question 38

In general, a steady or blinking green LED, sometimes labeled ____,  indicates that the NIC is functional and has a connection to the network.  

Question 39
1000Base-T is a standard for achieving throughputs ____ times faster than Fast Ethernet over copper cable.
Selected Answer:   
c. 10

Question 40
Collectively, MPLS labels are sometimes called a ____.  
c. shim

Question 41
A ____ occurs when two transmissions interfere with each other.  
d. collision

Question 42
Each time a computer starts up, the device drivers for all its connected peripherals are loaded into ____.  
a. RAM